Last month I started this shout-out column to give thanks and recognition to those that have inspired me along the way.  This month’s shout out goes to my friend: David Wilson.

I have know Dave since the late 1970’s. Back then, he was a musician and magician and had a wonderful medicine show act. He was constantly booked at private parties and corporate functions.  Dave really knew how to market himself. There was one thing he told me, when I was starting my business, that always stuck with me. And that was to, ”paint a picture in the customer’s mind of your show.”  When I talk to prospective clients, I have found his advice to be very effective. I give my clients a clear vision of my show, what I will do, and what will take place from the moment I walk in – to the final trick. I know this is one reason why I have been so successful.
David Wilson is now following his other passion. He is a certified hypnotherapist in the Bay Area and helps hundreds of people to live better lives. He has many audio CDs for purchase and an office in Palo Alto at the School of Hypnotherapy. On the side, he still does palmistry and magic. We have worked together at several events, most recently a corporate hospitality suite in San Francisco. Thank you David for your advice and friendship. And keep following your passion too.