Here it is, the beginning of March, and spring is just around the corner.  As I look out my office window, I see the grass is greener and needs a cutting, the fruit trees are blossoming and the bushes need trimming.   It’s that time of the year to check the sprinkler system for leaks, pull weeds and to start clearing out the dead wood.  Our city offers a free curbside pick-up once a year. This is the time to get rid of stuff that’s either broken, outgrown or obsolete.

Fortunately, we don’t have a lot of rubbish to get rid of.  Our family has learned not to accumulate too much of anything.  However, my wife is better at this than I am.  I tend to hold on to things for memory sake.  I still have a collection of record albums that I can’t seem to depart with. And my sports memorabilia collection is safely tucked away in the attic along with a box of souvenirs from my trip to Europe back in 1982.

Oh, and my magic stuff too.  Yes, I have many boxes of magic stuff. This is where I go to when working on new ideas.  I will pull out an old prop and rework it with new ideas.  I do lots of repeat shows for the same client, so I have to work on new routines to keep the show fresh.  However, it’s probably time to reduce some of my magic stuff.  Or maybe I’ll just put it back in storage and do some yard work instead.