In the summer of 2000, I appeared on the KEZR morning show with hosts, Bill Kelly and Marla Davies.  It was a remote broadcast at the Le Boulanger at Bascom and Camden, San Jose.  These remote broadcast were the thing back when radio had a real local flavor.  It’s was a way for radio stations to connect with the community.  Of course, radio has changed a lot since. Bill has passed away since and I still connect with Marla on Facebook.

I will add the other clips later as I did magic in between breaks and two live on-air performances.  Who would have thought that magic would work on the radio. Listeners showed up during the 4 hour event, getting bagels and coffee and sitting outside on the patio.  I did some close-up magic for them. Then many took off to get to work.

I was crammed inside a 10×10 foot pop up tent, between Bill’s microphone and the producers electronic gear.  The producer was a kick and both Bill and Marla made it fun and improvised on the spot.  I learned a lesson that day. Let them have the microphone.  I am used to being the ‘star’ of my show.  But, this was their show and they are the stars. I am the guest.

Thanks to Bill’s play-by-play of the magic and Marla’s quick wit the listeners got a good sense of what was happening.  Thanks to my friend and KEZR DJ, Kirk Patrick for the recommendation.