I’m now booking dates for the holiday season. Just drop me a line on my contact form for more information, or better yet, call me at 408-246-8422.  Now is the time to start booking your entertainment to reserve the date and times you want.

I was at Macy’s the week before Halloween to buy a birthday gift for my wife.  To my surprise, Christmas trees, garland and lights adorned the store.  I thought to myself, “Come on, Christmas decorations up already?”

I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised.  After a bit of consideration, I realized in my business I too must plan early, usually about 2-4 months.  In March, I plan for summer shows.  In July, I’m working on Halloween gigs. And, in October, it’s getting ready for Christmas shows.

It takes weeks, if not, months to purchase items, build illusions, test them out, find the right music, then rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. And during all this preparation, I am booking and performing about 4-12 shows a week.

I love performing my Holiday Magic Shows.  In my family-style magic shows, the audience helps me make a picture of my Christmas tree appear in bright colors just my using their imaginations. The kids love my run routine about a reindeer with a big red nose.  And sometimes, I am asked to provide a Santa Claus.  The kids get to make Santa “appear” at the end of my show with a boisterous, “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

At corporate events, I perform my ZIG-ZAG illusion with a company volunteer. In this illusion, the volunteer is divided into 3 pieces and put back together right in front of the audience.  The crowd loves seeing their co-worker helping the magician on stage and becoming a part of the show.

I like to cap off my shows with my snow routine.  I create a snowstorm of confetti above the audience as Rosemary Clooney sings, White Christmas.

Many of my Company Holiday Parties extend into January.  I have several booked already.   I have a couple of Casino Parties happening too.  I provide the casino games, such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Pai-Gow, and Poker.  Sometimes I will stroll as a Riverboat Gambler Magician performing during the casino and earlier at the cocktail hour.

Well, it’s time to start preparing and practicing.  Before you know it, I’ll be working on my summer shows.