This year started off with a bang, performing about 25 shows in both January and February.

I was in Monterey on New Years Eve for 3 shows along with fellow magician, Rich Myer.  Then off to Oregon to perform at a rehearsal dinner.  One notable event in January was a production for the Deputy Sheriff’s Association.  I provided CASINO GAMES, in addition to strolling magic dressed as a Riverboat Gambler.  We had Blackjack, Poker and Roulette. At the conclusion of the casino, all “gamblers” exchanged their chips into raffle tickets and was given one ticket for every twenty points in winnings. Later that night, I EMCEED the company raffle and auction. In the auction, players cashed in their chips for tickets that were like cash and they would use the cash to bid on auction items.  It was fun to see people bidding back and forth on various items, such as a $15 iTunes card, or a baseball cap.

In February, I worked a company sales meeting and performed my favorite illusion, Zig Zag with a representative from the company.

March is already shaping up to be the best month this year.  I just finished my performances for Santa Clara’s “SHOWTIME”.  I debut a new illusion as well as an old favorite.  I will put a video up on my YouTube channel for you to see real soon.