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Phil will be part of the cast at The SF Magic Hour on Feb 24th.  Get your tickets now, online.  This show always sell out.

On the show is…
Michael Feldman
Brad Barton
Phil Ackerly

The SF Magic Hour is  75 minutes of mind blowing magic with a different set of performers each month, featuring magicians who have performed in Las Vegas and Reno Casinos, the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, on TV for the Late Late show and Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, on luxury cruise lines, with touring broadway shows, and at Monday Night Magic, New York’s longest running magic show off-Broadway. Every month SF Magic Hour brings you a new set of magicians and a new set of miracles. So join us, then come back again and again to see the newest impossibilities.
Tickets on line at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sf-magic-hour-tickets-89200381743  Select Feb 24th date.
This is a really cool place.  Read more about it here. Only $20 tickets; 3 performers.

See you there!