• Specially made card box with 52″ ribbons attached.
  • One deck of regular cards to choose your force cards. (You supply a duplicate deck for the selection process)
  • Velvet drawstring bag for storing your rising cards
  • Replacement thread
  • Password-protected link to video performance and instructions
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RISING CARDS – JUMBO as performed at 4th of July Festival in Redwood City, CA.

3 spectators command their card to rise up from the card box suspended from ribbon

The Rising Cards is a true classic of magic. You have three cards selected. Bring out a card box tied in the center of a long ribbon. The deck is shuffled and placed in the box. Your helper holds one end of the ribbon while you hold the other end. Each spectator is told to command their card to rise, speaking as if the cards are properly trained. Plenty of opportunity for comedy patter, or play it straight forward.

I first started building these in 1997 and sold hundreds to two magic dealers. Back in 2020, I came up with a new and improved design that works like a charm. The operation is smooth as silk.  Now you can own a classic of magic. Please note: this is NOT a Hathaway rising card system and thus I do not call it that. This is a new idea first created by Jim Steinmeyer in Conjuring Anthology. With kind permission from Jim, I am now offering them to you and with many options.

  • New & Improved Construction
  • No Batteries, No Electronics
  • Deck can be Shuffled by Participant
  • Link to Instructions Video with performance tips and routine.
  • Perfect for Stage or Parlor
  • Available in Red or Blue Back, Phoenix or Bicycle.

Custom options available include, extra set of ribbon to pass out for examination, extra long ribbon, custom ribbon colors, custom deck of your choice. Call me to discuss custom options. Prices will vary.

Lifetime Warranty – I will repair or replace your unit for any reason, provided it’s not misused or abused. Contact me for return authorization.