CANDY MAN – Taking orders now, only 12 sets will be made

Only 12 sets will be made. Now you can put a colorful and fun routine in your show that will serve you well for many years to come.  Phil’s creative version has been a highlight at this shows for 20 years and now with the addition of two theme props you can perform this for Halloween and Christmas with specially made props.



CANDY MAN (Phil’s creative version of Harrison’s Silk Blow)

Candy Man contains all three theme sets; Lollipop – the base set, plus a Halloween Theme and a Christmas Theme Set.


EFFECT: On display is a black box with a yellow, red and green lollipop (3″ diameter) sticking up on the front edge of the box. Draped over the box are three 12″ white silks . The magician shows a paper sheet, and rolls it up into a tube. One of the silks is placed in a rolled up paper tube. The magician licks a yellow lollipop, then blows the silk out of the tube and Voila, the white silk has changed to yellow.  The paper tube is opened and shown empty.  This is repeated two more times with red and green lollipops. For the finale, the magician puts a 4th white silk in the paper tube and proceeds to lick all three lollipops. Blowing through the tube out comes a multicolored silk. This is the original version.

In Phil’s version, for the finale, the audience is surprised to see a 4th lollipop, (4″ dia.) introduced, blue in color. Then the magician brings out an 18″ white silk that has been hidden in the box.  The finale silk that appears is custom printed in 4 bright colors matching the 4 lollipops. The larger silk for the finale is impressive, ellicits oohs and ahs from the audience, and is totally unexpected unlike in the original version.

The display box is custom made to Phil’s specifications and also serves to store all the props between shows. Inside is a specially made tube holder to keep dye tubes in place as you travel from show to show. The inside is lined with felt with a soft foam rubber bottom to dampen sound. There’s a special compartment in the back to hold the 4th lollipop.  The paper tube is replaced with vinyl with velcro tab to keep its shape. The vinyl tube will provide solid use for multiple shows without wear or tatter as you’d get with paper. You are getting a quality product built and used by a professional with years of on-the-road experience.

What makes CANDY MAN unique are the themed props that Phil created from 30+ years of experience. Again, you receive the Lollipop Base Set and the Halloween and Christmas set for one price.


HALLOWEEN SET INCLUDES:  (3) Candy Corn lollipops, (1) 5″ pumpkin lollipop and the finale silk.








CHRISTMAS SET INCLUDES: (1) Peppermint Stick, (1) Candy Cane, (1) Christmas Tree lollipop, (1) Santa Magic Lollipop and the finale silk.









SPECIAL NOTE  The props pictured above are my personal props, hand made for my use. The ones you receive will look different, but will have the similar design. For example, the red peppermint lollipop will be replaced with a candy cane. The candy corn may be different colors.

The Finale silks shown are professionally designed by Dorian LaChance, and produced by Wonder Imagery. These silks will be 16″ square. 


You will also receive (2) custom written audio tracks by Arthur Stead. These tunes are upbeat and fun, and best of all, are timed to the appearance of the silks coming out of the tube. Phil creates a suprise moment when he introduces the 4th lollipop. The second track was designed to create the tension and surprise ending. These tracks I had custom written and have been in my act for many years. I contacted Arthur Stead about including them for you, and he graciously gave me his approval and blessing.

Thank You to Arthur and Leslie Stead for permission to include these tracks. Music is copyright ArthurSteadMusic. Purchaser is granted permission to use these tracks for their personal use only and may not sell, distribute, nor lend music tracks to any person(s) or entities.

THE DETAILS – Only 12 sets will be made. I will keep you all posted on the progress as these units are being made. Everything is made by hand, except the dye tubes.  This is a major project, my biggest build to date and requires countless hours of work to create a product that I am proud to stand behind.  There is a possibility that I can have more sets available, but I am limited by the supply of the required plunger dye tubes.  Please understand that the standard color changing handkerchief dye tube with the ribbon inside WILL NOT WORK.  This routine only works with plunger type tubes that have a sliding disc inside to pop the silk out. I only have enough plunger dye tubes on hand to make 12 sets at this time.  If you own a set of Laflin Magic or Funtime plunger dye tubes, then you may be in luck.  Contact me if you have a set of 4.


Custom made display box. Size is approx 12″ long by 5″ high by 5″ wide.

Phil’s specially designed dye tube holder, keeps tubes in place during travel.

The Lollipop Base Set includes (3) lollipops 3” diameter, (1) lollipop 4″ diameter, (3) 12” white silks, (3) 12” color silks, (1) 18” white silk and (1) custom design multi-color silk.

The Halloween Set includes (3) Candy Corn lollipops, (1) Large Pumpkin, (1) Halloween custom design finale silk

The Christmas Set includes (3) Holiday lollipops, (1) Christmas custom design finale silk

Vinyl Tube with velcro tie

(4) plunger dye tubes

(2) Custom Audio Tracks download

Video Instructions

DEPOSITS AND DATES –  I will be talking $100 deposit upon signing up. A 2nd deposit of $100 is due on Jan 15th. Balance of $260 is due when product is ready to ship. I am shooting for a late February date for finishing the product and starting to ship. Total cost is $460. plus shipping that will be determine near competition of build. Shipping charge will be added to final balance.


WAIT LIST – If anyone drops off the list, I’ll take the next person on the waiting list.

CONTACT PHIL AT… – Put I want the Candy Man in the subject line.  If you are one of the lucky 12, then I’ll ask you to make deposit via Paypal to

Psst… There will be some additional surprises for each owner of Candy Man.