BEKOS – Ghost Edition


BEKOS 4.0 – Ghost, Spooky Halloween Edition

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It’s Best Ever Knots Off Silk (BEKOS) with a ghost image. You’ll get link to video instructions from Phil Ackerly and Jeff McBride – Buy two and you can do Phil’s version, BOO! with three holes (knots) for a longer routine. (Phil explains this in the tutorial video.)

Not familiar with Knots Off Silk?  You begin by tying a knot in  he center of a 24″ silk. Add some magic and the knot slides off. Tie another knot, have the spectator make the magic happen and slide the knot off.  Open up the silk, show a ghost with two large eye holes. BOO!

A classic effect that goes back decades.




Add some spooky fun to your shows.  Phil Ackerly in cooperation with McBride Magic is releasing BEKOS – Ghost Edition.  You receive a 24″ white silk printed with ghost image.  It has 2 holes pre-cut for the eyes and includes two white holes or ‘donuts’.  If you are familiar with BEKOS earlier version now you can add our ghost image to your shows. Phil and Jeff has been working on this design for 10 months and now it’s available for you.

When you purchase BEKOS 4.0 from Phil you receive two downloaded custom-written tracks – the same ones that Phil uses in his shows.  Both tracks are the same tune – one is 120-seconds and the other is 90-seconds. Phil uses the short version for two holes and for smaller audience sizes where Phil is close to the audience. (The timing fits with the time it takes for an audience member to come up on stage to assist).

For the longer version, (120-seconds) Phil will use this for a large venue – like a school auditorium where a longer track is needed to fill the time for audience interactions.

In 2017, Phil first started performing his routine, BOO! with three holes.  You can too learn this too by  purchasing two BEKOS 4.0 sets. This will give you two extra donuts and two 24″ silks.  You’ll cut a third hole in the second silk for the mouth and use three donuts to lengthen the routine making it more fun and interactive.

Links to video instructions are included in the set when you receive it. Phil shares his BOO! routine including ideas on handling and adding a third hole.  Jeff McBride explains the basic handling with additional ideas.

Psst…  Look for a few more of my ideas for BEKOS in the upcoming Holiday Magic book to be released from McBride Magic in November 2023. I show you how to add images with BEKOS for other occasions.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in