Phil’s new effect. Magically link 13 split key rings in a chain. Better yet, the spectator does the magic while you watch from the audience. You are supplied with the following.

  • Perfect for the Stand-up Performer
  • Can be performed solo or with 1 or 2 participants
  • Plays big for kids or Adult Audiences
  • Let the participant be the magician.

Two options to choose from:

DELUXE package includes 26 RINGS, a traditional black wand with white tips, handmade display board, and link to instructional video.

DELUXE PRO package includes the above – plus the ring holder and wand stand.


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It’s a great routine that utilizes two helpers from the audience. Can be performed solo.  No fancy props or gimmicks.

13 RINGS has been in Phil’s performing repertoire for over 25 years. Perfect for family and adult audiences. All you need to learn is one simple move to make the magic happen. After you put the rings in the handkerchief for the helper to hold the move is all done. After that it’s all showmanship and presentation. Video offers two live performances for adult and school show. Phil also shows a couple ways of holding wand in his case for ease of use.

About the WAND STAND and RING HOLDER, Neither of them are necessary to perform the routine. They are accessories,

WAND STAND  was requested by several magicians who wanted a way to mount wand on top shelf of their magic case.  On the video I show you how I mount the wand on the back wall in my case. The stand is really nice, however, and will lay flat inside your table on top shelf. You’ll be able to grasp wand and rings easily, ready to perform. You can purchase WAND STAND separately for $20.

RING HOLDER keeps keeps all the rings from falling off display board during transport. Before the holder was available, I shot the video and explain how I store all 26 rings on the wand during transport. When I set up of the show I insert the rings on the board.
Now you can pre-set the rings at home; Place 13 rings on the board, insert the ring holder, lock it down and insure the rings will not fall off while traveling to your show. In the past, many times I grab the board to perform and find one or two rings missing. Then I have to search for them in my case. The ring holder keeps this from happening. You can purchase RING HOLDER separately for $20.

Comes with Phil’s lifetime guarantee – he’ll repair or replace any defects or broken parts, provided it’s not from abuse or misuse.

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