Phil’s new effect. Magically link 13 split key rings in a chain. Better yet, the spectator does the magic while you watch from the audience. You are supplied with the following…

  • 26 split key rings
  • 13 spare rings
  • Traditional Magic Wand
  • Display Board
  • Phil’s NEW RING CLIP – allows you to preset rings and transport to show without fear of losing rings.
  • Link to Instructional Video
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It’s a great routine that utilizes two helpers from the audience. Can be performed solo.  No fancy props or gimmicks.

13 RINGS has been in Phil’s performing repertoire for over 25 years. Perfect for family and adult audiences. All you need to learn is one simple move to make the magic happen. After you put the rings in the handkerchief for the helper to hold the move is all done. After that it’s all showmanship and presentation. Video offers two live performances for adult and school show. Phil also shows a couple ways of holding wand in his case for ease of use.

Comes with Phil’s lifetime guarantee – he’ll repair or replace any defects or broken parts, provided it’s not from abuse or misuse.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in