"When I told the kids there will be no clown at the afternoon party they said, 'Mama, that's ok. We just saw the best and nothing can be more fun than this'. My kids just can't stop talking about you :-)"

Azza, Saratoga, CA
Magic for Kids

Phil makes your child the star of the party!

altPhil's birthday party magic show makes your child the star of the party. The one-hour show incorporates age-appropriate magic with music, color, laughter and plenty of audience participation. "Being able to capture kids attention and to keep them engaged for an hour is a trick of its own", says Phil Ackerly. "My magic show is full of visual and funny routines that kids ages 4 and up can understand."

The Floating Trick.

This will have everyone talking! Phil floats your child in the air — three feet off the ground over a folding chair. Really! To capture the moment, Phil takes an instant photo, autographs it and gives it to you to keep.

The Appearing Hankerchief.

Your child will love seeing a handkerchief magically appear with their name on it. Your child gets to keep the handkerchief. "This is my signature trick that I've been doing for 20 years. I'm often invited back to perform for the younger siblings so that they can have a hank of their own too."

Phil Teaches a Magic Trick.

Phil then gets everyone to stand up and perform it as a group. "This interaction is one important way I can keep their attention for an hour", says Phil. "It's so fun to see the adults acting like kids."

Meet the Bunny

The show concludes with the appearance of a live bunny rabbit. Your child holds the rabbit as their friends come up and pet the bunny. Phil says, "Once the rabbit appears, the show is over. You can't top the rabbit trick."

When Phil arrives 15-minutes early to set-up, he will supply you with his special "How To Perform Magic" flyers for your party bags. Recently, Phil has started to offer magic party bags at a modest price. If you are interested in purchasing party bags, ask Phil about them.

 Please Note: The above description is Phil's typical children's birthday show package. The performance may be different depending upon the location of your event, the number of guests, and ages of the children. There are new tricks in every show for the kids that have seen Phil before.