"When I told the kids there will be no clown at the afternoon party they said, 'Mama, that's ok. We just saw the best and nothing can be more fun than this'. My kids just can't stop talking about you :-)"

Azza, Saratoga, CA
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Take time to appreciate nature
Thursday, 01 December 2011 08:00

My family took a trip to San Francisco over the Thanksgiving weekend.  My son had a art project to complete so we went to the Legion of Honor.  Afterwards, we trekked over to Fort Point, at the foot of theGoldenGate Bridge


This picture I took from the top of Fort Point.  The massive steel girders and twisted cables stand there with great strength.  The towerlooked like it was just floating on the water. The wind was howling and the surf was strong and swift. To be that close to the bridge was breathtaking.   


Lately, I've been trying to make it a priority to sit and observe nature; to appreciate its breathtaking beauty and calmness. Ironically, it takes effort for me to just sit and do nothing.   I'malways on the go.   The stillness of the bridge motivates me to find a stillness in my body and mind, and to quiet my thoughts for a few minutes.  I've learned to be more relaxed before going on stage. By doing this, I am more ''in the moment'' with my audience and my work becomes more authentic.  


There's lots of beauty all around us.  All we have to do is to take a few moments to observe and appreciate it.  I hope we can all make time during the holidays to find the peace and calmness in our day. And to find joy in the world around us.  And to share the joy with others. Happy Holidays.

Mingle Magic for Stanford University 40th Reunion
Wednesday, 16 November 2011 08:00




This photo was taken in Palo Alto at 40th reunion party for Stanford Alumni. I was one of the magicians mingling around performing magic during the cocktail hour.  No, I did not graduate from Stanford.  But, I did go to Stanford. Really!  Just every weekend to the football games. 


Ellen and the Escapades
Monday, 12 September 2011 08:00

Music is a big part of my life as much as magic is.  Back in 1997, I performed at Jeffrey's 10th birthday party in Palo Alto. Jeffrey is the son of a school friend, Andy Schneider, that I've known since 3rd or 4th grade. Well, that boy is now about 24 years old and playing in a band in England called, Ellen and the Escapades.  What a nice surprise to learn that this 10-year old boy had grown up and found his passion in music. Their music is very enjoyable. It can be described as delicate, bitter-sweet and soul searching.  Influenced by musical artists such as, Carole King, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Ryan Adams and Fleetwood Mac. I downloaded a few tracks from iTunes.  You can find out more about the band at:

More about my school friend, Andy Schneider....

It was in 4th or 5th grade when Andy came to school and showed me a practical joke.  He then told me about this magic shop in Los Altos.  So, after school, we both rode our bicycles from Palo Alto to the "House of Humor".  There I was introduced to magic tricks, jokes and other novelties.  From then on, I would return on Saturdays to watch, Magician Bill Hagen, demonstrate the magic tricks for sale.

A few years later, there was an opening for a new demonstrator and I got the job.  It was a blast!  I got paid to perform magic for customers and earn money at the same time.  I started out at minimum wage making $1.65 an hour.  That was good money back then.  I remember how shocked I was when I got my first paycheck and Uncle Sam kept $0.45 in taxes.  I thought I was robbed.

Thank you, Andy for telling me about the "House of Humor". 


60 shows in 30 days
Sunday, 14 August 2011 08:00


60 Shows in 30 Days.

That's how my summer is going.  I looked at my calendar the other day and realized that I'm performing 30 consecutive days from July 15th to August 14th.  I counted 60 gigs in that time frame.  This includes, corporate parties, cocktail receptions, adult and kids' birthdays, schools, libraries and several magic classes.   


So, what does one do after 30 days of performing?  Go to Disneyland, of course!  By the time you read this, my son and I will be enjoying four days with Mickey and the gang.  It will be a real treat to ''be entertained'' and enjoy watching someone else perform. 


The day after we return home, it's three more shows.  And I'll will be busy through the end of August with a few corporate gigs

RWC Sword

A recent party
Monday, 08 August 2011 08:00


Misha Wine

There's one thing that I love as much as Magic and that's a great glass of wine.  


Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to perform in San Francisco at the home of Richard and Anya Bruno.  Anya wrote me a very nice thank you note afterwards. And I want to share it with you. (See note below.)


Richard is a winemaker for his private brand, Vinum Cellars.  He also produces a wonderful Pinot Noir, called Misha.  It's named after his 6-yr. old son, Misha. Believe it or not, all the money from the sale of this wine goes to Misha's college fund.  So, is Stanford or UC Berkeley in the cards for Misha?  I guess we'll just have to wait and find out.  


Click here to visit Vinum Cellars website.   














Magic at the Bruno home











Dear Phil,

Dear Phil,

It was truly a pleasure meeting you and watching your unforgettable show! I can not thank you enough for the flawless performance, for the professional attitude and a very personal manner. We were honored to have you share your talent and experience and knowledge with us in such a small scale venue.  It was AMAZING.  Really appreciate it. Thank you.


Best, Anya




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